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Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence Report shows marketers other topics their ideal clients are reading/watching online. Using an analytic driven approach which leverages content consumption comp indexes, like found in Nielsen reports, we applied our Audience Intelligence Report to gaming content.

Our findings indicate that compared to other users online, people reading about video games & gaming are more likely to consume content around the following topics: Movies & TV, Music News, Comic Books, Cell Phones, Mobile Apps, Internet Service, Laptops & Computers, and Breweries & Beers.

Based on this observed content consumption behavior, we recommend adding these segments to an advertising campaign that is reaching people who are shopping for video games. This gives marketers an opportunity to connect with ideal customers outside of endemic content we know they are interested in. Our custom targeting segments can be activated against pages or UIDs, maximizing reach, scale, and frequency in your desired tactics. Contact us to learn more about using Advanced Contextual to achieve your advertising goals by reaching gamers through the content they read and watch online.


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Looking at recent and up to 18-months worth of data on previous content consumption trends is an analytic-driven way to predict how content consumption will trend in the future. Using Advanced Contextual's proprietary platform, we’re able to do just that. Advanced Contextual's credit card segment can be used by financial brands and publishers looking to reach consumers searching for a new credit card.

As travel starts to pick back up again after the COVID-19 pandemic, travel credit card offers are most frequent among recent content consumption trends. This spike in content makes sense as people are planning vacations in the summer and researching the best travel credit card offers. The advanced contextual platform has also seen content consumption around credit cards spike again in October as consumers start searching for a new credit card before holiday spending increases.

By understanding these trends in content consumption, this allows brands and publishers to capture the attention of credit card intenders when they're in the mindset to be receptive to marketing messages. If you want to learn more about using Advanced Contextual to reach in-market credit card researchers, please contact us below.

Interested in reading about Advanced Contextual's success in the finance industry? Read our case studies here.

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Major department store sought to increase awareness of their suit collections for men.


Starting with relevant articles and using our proprietary platform, we discovered ideal pages to reach people who were likely interested in contemporary menswear and suits.

We created custom Content Targets around: men’s tailored fashion, street style, health, fitness, and current business news. We tested and optimized towards content that resonated best; engaging fashion-forward males with the brand’s message at the right moments.


Through optimization, we achieved an overall 0.47% CTR across desktop, mobile display, and apps; beating the client’s 0.17% CTR benchmark by 1.76X.

Contact us below to learn more.

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