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Target your highest-intent customers on the open web and social with the most accurate and granular contextual advertising platform. 


Drive scalable marketing performance with privacy-safe contextual data — and no reliance on third-party cookies.


Leverage the signal from 3.5 billion content pages across 55,000 publishers, and analyze content a level deeper to ensure brand suitability.

Custom Audiences

Our competitors rely on taxonomies. We don’t filter your ads through a cookie-cutter list of content categories — you know, putting a sneaker ad on a sports article. We create a custom list of pages and IDs for you to target based on specific keywords that already resonate with your buyers. You get to target high-intent audiences in unexpected and cost-effective places.

Why We Do It

Brands and agencies shouldn’t have to shoulder higher costs due to privacy changes, and consumers shouldn’t have to fork over private information to keep the open web afloat. Using contextual signals — what people are reading, not who they are — brands achieve efficient marketing performance, and consumer privacy remains protected. 

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