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We All Have a Strong Part to Play

January 7, 2021 | by Dave Hills, CEO at Advanced Contextual

I think it goes without saying that what happened at the Capitol yesterday was shocking and the actions reprehensible. Four of our fellow citizens died and our most visible monument to our democracy was attacked from within. I’ll leave it to our competent public officials and career folks to uphold the constitution and our laws.

We can all agree that our industry is part of what brought on yesterday and I’ll submit we all own, as operators, to do our part by not supporting content that encourages and gives harbor to what happened yesterday. I’ve learned over the years two things: (1) America is a journey and not a destination and (2) we all play a part in making that journey closely resemble what our founders had in mind. They didn’t have yesterday in mind.

What can we as CEO’s and team members do to support our union? We have to redouble our efforts to isolate and I think starve content that is incendiary as its only purpose. When we put money on that content we are aiding those groups who would threaten our way of life.

It’s easy enough to do. On the spend side, taking money from organizations which clearly promoted yesterday and similar activities is just plain wrong. On the buy side, we all have allowed lists of sites/terms and we should all be examining those very carefully and on an ongoing basis.

We all own what happened yesterday and our industry, like it or not, has a strong hand to play. We owe it to ourselves, families and our way of life to do our part.

We at Advanced Contextual recommit to our principles of doing business and doing business the right way within the advertising industry. Please join us.

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