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Valentine's Day Content Consumption Trends

Advanced Contextual creates custom segments using seed URLs that represent what a brand's ideal audience would be reading/watching. Then Advanced Contextual analyzes the page, identifies the topics within the content & finds additional relevant content to reach ideal audiences. Applying this to a brand looking to align with Valentine's Day content, see the pages available for targeting on various topics in the chart below:

The most popular content that people are reading about include: thoughtful gift ideas, romantic getaways, date ideas, & Valentine’s Day cards. Within these Valentine’s Day segments, the advanced contextual platform has identified over 9 million people reading/watching various topics relevant to the holiday. Advanced Contextual’s results of estimated pages & anonymous user ID counts provide scaled estimates to expect during a campaign.

Advanced Contextual can reach your target audience across the open web & social platforms once they’ve read content about Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with people looking for gifts, getaways, or things to do around February 14th. Contact us below to learn more.

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