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Surround The Detroit Auto Show & Reach In-Market Auto Shoppers

Content around the Detroit Auto Show began increasing the first week of December last year as people were reading about cars expected to debut at the show, with the most hype around the mid-engine Corvette.

The biggest spikes in content consumption occurred during the weeks surrounding NAIAS. Topics during the first week of the event included buzz around FCA’s five-year plan, as well as popular vehicle models including Ford’s Bullitt Mustang, trucks from Ram, Ford, & Chevy, and SUVs from Lamborghini, Mercedes, & Jeep.

Highlights from the second week of NAIAS were around futuristic auto concepts, cars with the most horsepower, & the exotic car showcase.

What topics do you expect to trend during the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January? Remain top of mind for in-market vehicle shoppers & auto enthusiasts as they’re staying up to date with the latest news surrounding NAIAS.

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