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Audience Intelligence Report: Streaming Services

As many consumers continue to spend time at home, content consumption around streaming services has been trending upwards. If you are a brand or publisher that aligns with streaming TV/movie services content or you are planning to reach entertainment enthusiasts, Advanced Contextual can help you connect with your ideal audience through relevant content and CTV opportunities.

Within Advanced Contextual's streaming services segment, we’ve seen over 280 thousand pieces of matching content in the last 30 days. Targeting consumers while they’re reading the latest streaming service content is a great way to connect with them, and Advanced Contextual can achieve your goals with or without using cookies.

If you’re looking for ways to reach this audience beyond endemic streaming service content, we can use Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence Report. We found that people reading about streaming services are also reading about the following topics, compared to all other users online: movies, gaming, comic books, music, cell phones, laptops, fitness, and dating & marriage.

Streaming Services Content Consumption + Audience Intelligence_Spectrum Media Services

As brands and publishers explore alternatives to cookie-based targeting, they need an advanced contextual platform that can find their audience in multiple environments while preserving reach, scale and frequency. Contact us to learn how Advanced Contextual can achieve your goals by reaching streaming service and entertainment enthusiasts through the content they read and watch online.

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