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Case Study: Using Contextual Segments on Social Media to Drive Site Traffic & App Downloads


Major regional medical center wanted to drive site traffic and app downloads for their various medical services.


Advanced Contextual creates custom targeting segments using seed URLs that match the target audience’s intent. With limited interest targeting options available on social media platforms, the client turned to Advanced Contextual to create segments to reach their ideal audiences on Facebook.

We’ve created a large number of segments to target a wide variety of potential patients & services offered by the medical center. Our segments have been created for the client’s services which include: digital health application, cancer treatment centers, virtual urgent care services, and information on the coronavirus outbreak, treatment, & prevention.

As an example, the following custom Advanced Contextual segments have driven campaign success for the client’s digital health initiative:


The client continues to run successful Facebook campaigns using Advanced Contextual's custom segments to drive their targeting. This satisfied medical center client continues to expand our partnership with multiple lines of business to achieve goals for their various initiatives.


To learn more about working with Advanced Contextual, please contact us below:

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