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Shipping Company Case Study: Using Advanced Contextual Data On Social Media

Read how Advanced Contextual achieved a shipping company's ROAS goals on social media in this case study.


The Brand, a major shipping company, wanted to reach small business and minority-owned business owners to increase awareness of their shipping services, as well as ROAS, leading up to the holiday season.


  1. Advanced Contextual created custom segments around: “Small Business Decision Makers”, “Minority-Owned Business Owners”, and “Shipping Needs”

  2. Advanced Contextual exported these custom segments to Facebook/Instagram

  3. Brand used Advanced Contextual segments to reach their niche target audience on social media to drive results


Advanced Contextual delivered an efficient campaign by achieving the Brand’s reach goals. Our “Small Business Decision Makers” segment performed best in cost per result and delivered 4X ROAS. The “Minority-Owned Business Owners” and “Shipping Needs” segments yielded CTR north of .20%. By using Advanced Contextual’s custom segments on social media, the Brand successfully reached their niche target audience leading up to the holiday season.

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