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Content Consumption Trends: Fall Home Décor

Interested in reaching people consuming fall home décor content at the page-level? Advanced Contextual's targeting is unique because we use example pages to create custom segments that can be activated with or without using cookies.

As consumers are looking to update their home for autumn, shop for seasonal items that match their décor, or revamp their interior design this fall, Advanced Contextual has found 1.2 million matching pieces of content available for targeting. Within fall home décor content, people are reading articles about DIY projects, rustic furniture, farmhouse decor, and paint color trends most often.

As content consumption changes throughout each season, our advanced contextual platform aligns with trends in real-time and can provide your brand with valuable insights about what your audience reads and watches online. Whether you are promoting autumn decorations, seasonal foods, or fall activities, you can connect with engaged consumers as they’re looking for content about latest fall décor trends. Contact us to learn how Advanced Contextual can reach your ideal audience when they’re in the mindset to engage with your message this season.

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