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Mortgages Content Consumption & Audience Intelligence

As interest rates remain low, content consumption around mortgages has been trending upwards. If your brand offers financial services relating to mortgages, or if you have a target audience of homeowners, Advanced Contextual can help you connect with your ideal consumer through the content they read and watch online.

Over the last 30 days, there have been over 68 thousand pieces of matching content within our custom mortgages segment. The most popular articles being consumed include:

While it is beneficial for your brand to reach people on pages about mortgages, you can also connect with mortgage-seekers beyond endemic content. Using Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence report, we can find other topics this audience indexes highly with (similar to comp indexes found in Nielsen reports). We found that people reading about mortgages are also reading about the following topics, compared to other users online:

  • Home Insurance

  • Buying & Selling Homes

  • Personal Finance

  • Stock Market

  • Home Improvement

  • Gardening

  • Getting Married

  • Pet Owners

Advanced Contextual delivers relevance-focused, data-driven insights – in real time – by extending your reach & connecting with consumers as they’re reading other topics of interest to them. To learn more about how your brand can leverage Advanced Contextual's proprietary data through our transparent platform for scale performance and actionable insights, contact us here:

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