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New Product Release: Spectrum's Media Consumption Report

Spectrum’s latest product release is our Media Consumption Report (MCR). It’s a post analysis report that takes you down to the page-level of where your managed service campaign delivered. We use it to connect performance to topics and we optimize by adjusting topics to see which performed best throughout a campaign.

Spectrum’s entire targeting strategy revolves around page-level transparency:

  1. We start with seed URLs that match your intent.

  2. We provide you with topics/trends in your Content Targets based on the matching content Spectrum identified.

  3. Knowing where you ran with our MCR allows you to understand the campaign’s results & implement Spectrum’s insights into your next campaign.

That’s total transparency, control, visibility, scale, and performance – all without cookies. Do you know of another company offering this today? We can work with you programmatically, on a managed service basis, or both – contact us to learn more!

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