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March Madness Content Trends

College basketball content has continued to spike over the last month with hype around March Madness. Spectrum already identified over 9.5MM people reading content specific to NCAA basketball, and we expect this number to increase throughout the tournament.

The most popular topics have been around teams including: Duke, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, & Villanova, and popular articles have been around bracketology as people are preparing for Selection Sunday in a few weeks.

The most recent increase in content occurred within the Duke topic. While they are a favorite team to win the tournament, buzz around Zion Williamson’s shoe falling apart during a game caused the spike in content. This topic led to consumption around Nike & the stock market as well, which can be included or excluded from our custom targeting.

What topics do you expect to be trending throughout the month? Spectrum will continue to monitor March Madness content consumption, allowing you to target consumers when they’ll be receptive to your message.

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