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Introducing Tiffany Johnson to Spectrum’s Advisory Board

August 6, 2020 | by Dave Hills, CEO, Spectrum Media Services

You know you have a fully engaged team when one of your advisors comes to you recommending another advisor who has relevant skills and passion for what we do.

That’s how we wound up with Tiffany Johnson joining our Advisory Board here at Spectrum. We’re both proud and thrilled to have Tiffany join our team.

Tiffany brings two critical perspectives I think are incredibly important going forward. She’ll help us answer the questions of what data is going to be used going forward and how. Equally important, is how that data can be sourced and delivered in an ethical way.

With all my decades working in this field, I’m really excited that the industry is now combining the concepts of data efficacy and data ethics. It’s a privacy driven programmatic world now and at our company, we know that means we have to innovate in how our data is used and delivered, as well as how we support a world of ethical transparency and privacy.

Tiffany will add relevant, deep experience and perspective that we think will propel us further through innovation.

We appreciate Tiffany joining our team and please join me in welcoming her.

To read more about Spectrum’s Advisory Board, click here.

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