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Introducing Derrick Horner to Spectrum’s Advisory Board

Having an advisor team is important to Spectrum’s core values as we increase our presence in the industry. Spectrum has had the honor of working with experienced advisers like Derrick Horner to guide our company and team. We’ve been thrilled to have Derrick’s help as our company continues to grow in the cookieless targeting space.

Derrick founded and serves as CEO of H1 Ventures where he works internationally as a strategic advisor to start-ups, established companies and turnarounds. Derrick has a broad range of professional experience, from several years at New York’s top law firm, several years as general counsel and/or head of corporate development and strategy at very innovative public and private companies, and time well spent managing startup operations and angel investing.

Derrick’s experience with internet companies has contributed to Spectrum’s success within the market. We’re excited to have Derrick’s support and please join us in his official welcome to the Spectrum team.

To read more about Spectrum’s Advisory Board, click here.

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