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Finance Case Study: Driving Engagement for a Major Credit Card


Advanced Contextual Finance Case Study: Finding Qualified Audiences To Increase Credit Card Brand Awareness


Global financial services company wanted to engage credit card intenders and drive prospects to their landing page.


Using ideal pages as our content seed, our advanced contextual platform discovered similar pages and videos to reach people searching for a new credit card.

We created custom Content Targets around cash back credit cards, big box retailers, and personal finance; connecting the brand's message with consumers in the right environments.


Advanced Contextual delivered strong performance, exceeding the client's KPIs of CPE and VCR. Our video completion rate was 83% and our overall cost per engagement was 20% below the client’s benchmark. Big box retailer content with mobile display placements performed best, beating the client’s proven partners with $5.17 CPE.

Are you advertising for clients in the financial industry? Contact us to learn how we can achieve your brand's goals:

Read more of Advanced Contextual's finance case studies here.

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