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Finance Case Study: College Savings Program



State-sponsored college savings program wanted to generate efficient account sign-ups by targeting consumers in the mindset to be receptive to their message.


To achieve the client's CPA goals, we created custom Content Targets around:

  1. “College Savings Plans”

  2. “Pre-School Prep & Graduation” and

  3. “Kids’ Birthday Parties”

We discovered ideal pages & sites within our Content Targets, then identified trending topics driving sign-ups.

We optimized towards the top performing content, ad sizes, & pages relating to "College Savings Plans" which preformed best against the CPA goal. We added a Content Target around "Millennial Parenting" mid-flight based on trending topics found during the campaign. Using our pixel data, we also identified ideal audiences & other content areas of interest, including "Tech Startup News," "Apartments," "Business," and "Credit Cards."


Using our optimization techniques & real-time consumption data, we achieved the $50 CPA goal. We found new target consumers & exceed client expectations with data from their 60-day look-back window, resulting in campaign renewals.

Are you advertising for clients in the financial industry? Contact us to learn how we can achieve your brand's goals:

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