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Fall Recipe Content Trends

With kids back in school & the weather getting cooler, people have started thinking about fall recipes. Spectrum’s proprietary platform identified the following trends within fall recipe content over the past year:

  1. Content begins increasing towards the end of September & apples were the most popular ingredient people were reading about last October. Recipes for apple crisps & caramel apples were frequented most often as consumers attend fall events like apple picking & prepare for Halloween.

  2. Leading up to Thanksgiving last year, people were looking for recipes using pumpkin & pie recipes were the most popular topics within content consumption. Thanksgiving staples were also prominent, but fall baking recipes generated the largest spike in content last November.

  3. This year, content about fall foods already began trending in August when Starbucks announced the release date for its pumpkin spice latte. This also generated an increase in recipes using fall favorite ingredients like pumpkin & apple.

Spectrum can reach a wide variety of audiences whether your client is trying to reach grocery shoppers, people hosting & entertaining for the holidays, or families attending seasonal events. Fall recipe content is a great place to reach your ideal audience & Spectrum can connect with consumers when they’re in the mindset to engage with your message.

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