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Entertainment Case Study: Driving CTR, VCR, & In-Theater Traffic For Anime Movie Premier


Major entertainment company wanted to drive CTR, VCR, and in-theater traffic for its anime movie premier.


  1. Created custom Content Targets that included: buzz around the anime movie, anime fans, moviegoer enthusiasts, TV & streaming services, gaming, and fans of relevant sports.

  2. Delivered display and video ads across mobile web and mobile apps.

  3. Geo-targeted using zip codes to achieve a 10-mile radius around theaters premiering the movie.

  4. Shared mobile IDs with the client so that they could, using their geo-fencing technology, map those IDs to users who attended theaters showing the anime movie.


Advanced Contextual achieved a successful campaign by delivering a large budget over several short flights as the movie release date approached. Our average click through rate was 0.32%, exceeding the client’s CTR benchmark of 0.25% by 28%. Our average pre-roll video completion rate was 75%, exceeding the client’s 70% VCR benchmark by 7%. Advanced Contextual's viewability was also north of 70%, achieving the client’s viewability goal of 70%. The custom segments we developed around consumers who were interested in anime content performed best throughout the flights.


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