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Custom Holiday Segments

Now is the time to plan your holiday advertising campaigns! Advanced Contextual's targeting is unique because we use example pages to create custom segments that can be activated with or without using cookies. To reach holiday shoppers this year, here is a sample of custom segments that can be activated to reach consumers shopping for the holidays this season:

  • Hosting Thanksgiving: 335K users consuming 101K pieces of content

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 3.6M users consuming 881K pieces of content

  • Gift Guides: 2.2M users consuming 1.2M pieces of content

  • Holiday Décor: 188K users consuming 109K pieces of content

  • Holiday Entertaining: 1.8M users consuming 2.5M pieces of content

The matching users and matching content numbers from our advanced contextual platform are based on a 30-day lookback window, so we expect these numbers to increase as we continue to approach the winter holidays.

Custom Holiday Segments Spectrum Media Services

If your advertising campaign has specific goals, we can create custom segments aligning with narrow to broad topics, designed specifically to achieve your business objectives. Advanced Contextual's segments find matching content to reach your ideal consumers in the right places, delivering your messages at the right moments. Our advanced contextual platform also monitors how content consumption trends throughout your campaign, which allows us to provide you with valuable insights about your target audience.

During this year’s holiday shopping season, it will be more important than ever to connect with your target audience as they’re reading and watching content online. Connect with us to learn how your holiday advertising campaign can be executed on a managed service basis or data only buy using Advanced Contextual's custom holiday segments.

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