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Cookieless Opportunity Trends: Coronavirus

Content about the Coronavirus has been top of mind for many of us. Spectrum has identified over 10.6 billion page-level impressions and over 109 million people reading about this topic over the last 30 days. We can target your ideal audience consuming this content across various industries.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, articles comparing the Coronavirus to the common flu & ways to prevent these conditions are frequent among consumption, providing healthcare brands an opportunity to align with these topics.


Another popular topic within the Coronavirus Content Target has been around quarantines. With over 10.6 billion cookieless opportunities available for targeting, this trend is beneficial for brands advertising for food delivery services, streaming movies, TV shows, & games, as well as for advertisers promoting healthy recipes & products to boost immune health. Aligning with Coronavirus content is also a valuable advertising opportunity for CPG brands as people are stocking up on household supplies.


On the contrary, brands within the travel industry will likely want to exclude Coronavirus from their content targeting. While it is challenging to completely avoid the 109 million users reading about the Coronavirus, Spectrum can fine-tune your Content Targets by aligning with positive travel topics during the outbreak, such as safe travel destinations & good hygiene practices while traveling.

Whether you are advertising for a brand within the healthcare, CPG, entertainment, or service industry who wants to align with COVID-19 content, or a travel client looking for advertising opportunities excluding Coronavirus topics, Spectrum has the cookieless targeting solution you need today.

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