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Cookie-Free Content: Pharmacy, OTC Health, & Skincare

As we have all spent more time at home over the past year, pharmacies, OTC health products, and skincare products have seen increases in sales. With consumers interested in improving their health due to COVID, we used our advanced contextual platform to find what page-level content people are seeking most often online.

There are many cookieless impressions available for targeting and we’ve seen increases in content consumption of up to 17% over the last two weeks. With the topics displayed in the chart, we can see the exact pages people are consuming.


  • Advanced Contextual discovered over 565MM cookieless opportunities around skincare as many people are still working from home and making time for self care.

  • The most frequent skincare articles include anti-aging products for fine lines & wrinkles, acne treatments, and top-rated serums, masks, sunscreens, creams, & moisturizers.


  • Popular pharmacy stores people are reading about include CVS, Walgreens, & Rite Aid with over 242MM page-level impressions.

  • Within pharmacy content, articles around COVID vaccines are frequent among consumption.


  • As many of us are looking for ways to boost immunity, there are over 81MM cookieless impressions around OTC health products.

  • Popular topics being consumed include preventative health products like vitamins & supplements, essential oils to reduce stress, and at-home remedies for common ailments/aches.

As consumers are reading this content, your brand has an opportunity to connect with your target audience when they’ll be receptive to your message. Advanced Contextual can reach consumers across display, mobile, and video, all without third-party cookies. Connect with us below to learn about cookieless advertising opportunities for your next campaign.

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