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Cookie Free Content: Home Decorating & Improvement

Advanced Contextual's targeting platform monitors topics at the page-level, allowing us to use context as a strong indicator of consumer intent. Home decorating, home improvement, and gardening & landscaping content have been frequently consumed topics this spring. Advanced Contextual has seen content consumption in these topics increase up to 44% over the past 2 weeks alone. Taking a look at the pages within these topics, there are 4 million matching pages available for targeting.

Here’s what people are reading most often:


  • There are over 1.7MM matching pages within home decorating content.

  • Popular articles include ideas for decorating your staircase & entryway, adding decorative fixtures & lighting throughout the home, sales for outdoor patio furniture and design ideas for small outdoor living spaces.


  • Home improvement content has over 1.3MM matching pages.

  • Concrete projects are the most popular within home improvement content right now, followed by inspiration for painting kitchen cabinets.


  • Our gardening & landscaping segment contains over 1.0MM matching pages.

  • Consumers are reading about different types of plants and flowers most often, as well as tips for planting fruits and vegetables.

As content trends over time, we can reach your target audience when they’ll be receptive to your message. Advanced Contextual's page-level analytics drive discovery for your brand or publication, which can easily be leveraged for cookieless targeting. Contact us below to discuss cookie-free opportunities.

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