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Content Consumption Trends: Weddings

As more people around the country get the COVID-19 vaccine and restrictions begin to ease, our world is slowly but surely starting to incorporate things we are accustomed to, like attending weddings and traveling for a vacation. However, the content we consume around these topics has changed due to COVID-19. Taking a closer look at wedding content consumption within our advanced contextual platform, here are the topics that have been trending:

Within Advanced Contextual’s weddings trends Content Target, there are over 423 thousand pieces of matching content. We also expect content consumption around weddings to continue increasing since couples had to postpone their weddings last year.

Wedding Content Consumption Trends Cookieless Targeting online advertising digital marketing

If your brand or publication has a target audience of engaged couples or wedding professionals researching the latest wedding trends, Advanced Contextual can connect with them as they’re reading and watching relevant content. Contact us to learn more.

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