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Content Consumption Trends: Thanksgiving

Advanced Contextual's proprietary platform monitors content consumption trends in real-time, but also has an 18-month lookback window of article pages that have been read and watched online. This lookback into content consumption is extremely insightful to see how content trends year over year.

Last year’s COVID-Thanksgiving content consumption trends included ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on a smaller scale, how to celebrate Thanksgiving online, and information about the virtual Macy’s Day parade.

This year, the most popular articles people are reading include how to make turkey gravy, the best Thanksgiving side dishes, and popular Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Based on these content consumption trends, it seems like more people will be celebrating Thanksgiving in-person this season.

By aligning with content trends in real-time, Advanced Contextual provides brands the opportunity to connect with their ideal audience on content that resonates with them this season. Contact us to learn how Advanced Contextual can achieve your holiday campaign goals with our managed service or programmatic offerings.

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