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Content Consumption Trends: Technology Supporting Teamwork

Technology supporting companies who had to switch to remote work due to COVID has been top of mind for many people over the past year. Within Advanced Contextual's custom “Technology Supporting Teamwork” segment, there are over 953 thousand pages available for targeting. Another key benefit of the advanced contextual platform that's valuable to publishers and brands is our 18 month cache of internet content consumption at the article/video level.

Using the advanced contextual platform to analyze content consumption trends over the last year, we found that at the start of the pandemic, Zoom and Microsoft Teams dominated the video conferencing space. A year later, these companies remain as popular options as they continue to launch new features, like Zoom's immersive video feature and Microsoft's transcribing option. These releases show that technology to support virtual teamwork is still increasingly important even as the COVID pandemic starts to get under control.

While some companies are starting to return to the office, many are continuing to allow their employees to work from home. If your brand or publication aligns with technology, or you have a target audience of business professionals searching for the most efficient technology options for their employees, we can create custom page-level segments to achieve your goals. Our segments are built using ideal pages that match the intent of your ideal customers, and we can reach your target audience without cookies. Contact us to learn more about our cookieless targeting which becomes increasingly important as third-party cookies go away.

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