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Content Consumption Trends: Super Bowl Commercials

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, the advanced contextual platform has picked up on buzz surrounding this year’s Super Bowl commercials, and using our 18-month lookback window, we analyzed last year’s content consumption trends, too. As brands and publishers start to move away from cookie-based advertising, contextual targeting is a brand-safe alternative for marketers in 2022. See the page-level trends Advanced Contextual found around Super Bowl commercial content in this post.

Super Bowl commercials have been a popular topic over the last few months as advertisers began buying commercial spots early. The advanced contextual platform has identified over 25K pages around Super Bowl commercial content alone. Many people have been reading articles discussing commercials to expect this year from companies like Avocados from Mexico, Bud Lite, major auto brands, & more.

Using the advanced contextual platform, we’re also able to analyze up to 18-months’ worth of previous content consumption data. A few weeks before last year’s Super Bowl, content consumption around Budweiser, Coke, & Pepsi spiked when these companies announced they’d be skipping their Super Bowl ads. After the Super Bowl, the most popular articles people were reading/watching discussed the best Super Bowl ads that aired during the game. By running an advertising campaign with Advanced Contextual, we are able to provide marketers with detailed insights to understand the types of content that resonate best with different target audiences.

As you can see, using Advanced Contextual for scalable, privacy-safe advertising offers many benefits to marketers. Contact us below to learn how we can apply our advanced contextual solution to your marketing objectives this year.


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