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Content Consumption Trends: Summer Recipes

With summer quickly approaching, many consumers have been searching for the best summer recipes online. Within our custom “Summer Recipes” contextual segment, our advanced contextual platform can find pages about specific seasonal recipes versus a page with the word ‘summer’ and/or ‘recipe’ on it. This is due to the fact that Advanced Contextual understands pages at the topic-level – not just through a few isolated keywords. Therefore, we are able to pick up on topics such as summer ingredients, grilling recipes, and backyard BBQ favorites.

In the last 30 days alone there have been over 100 thousand summer recipe pages available for targeting. The pages people are reading most often include: grilling recipes for ribs, chicken, & burgers, pies & no-bake recipes for desserts, and the best recipes to make when it’s too hot outside.

Advanced Contextual's cookieless solution is the next generation of audience targeting. Using our “Summer Recipes” Content Target is a great way to reach online grocery shoppers, people planning or attending backyard BBQ gatherings, or anyone searching for a new recipe to incorporate into their weekly meal plan. We can connect with your ideal target audience, at the page-level, without using cookies. Contact us to learn more.

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