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Content Consumption Trends: Summer DIY Crafts

Advanced Contextual's topic engine monitors content consumption trends and discovered a recent increase in DIY crafting content. While topics about indoor & online activities and homeschooling were popular topics at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, consumption has now shifted towards summer activities.

Within Advanced Contextual's DIY Crafts Content Target, there are over 190K pages available for targeting. As our platform monitors content trends in real-time, here are the most prominent articles within DIY craft content:

  • At-home summer activities parents are reading about most often include various crafts with paint, sand, balloons, and chalk.

  • How to set up outdoor games, obstacle courses, and water slides are also frequently consumed articles.

  • In regard to summer events, DIY Father's Day gifts and birthday party ideas are popular topics.

Advanced Contextual's use of content consumption to identify consumer intent becomes increasingly important in a post-cookie targeting world. If you are reaching families of children of all ages, or frequent craft store shoppers, Advanced Contextual can help you achieve your goals. Contact us below to learn more.

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