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Content Consumption Trends: Summer Activities

With the 4th of July holiday weekend quickly approaching, the advanced contextual platform has been monitoring content consumption trends around road trips & outdoor activities since the summer started. The advanced contextual platform found over 28 thousand matching pages within our custom road trip segments and over 32 thousand matching pages within our custom outdoor activities segment. There have been notable spikes in content since the unofficial start of summer kicked off on Memorial Day as consumers are looking for things to do this season.

Within our outdoor activities segment, people are researching content about the best lakes & beaches in various states across the country most often. Within our road trip segment, popular routes & campgrounds are being consumed most frequently. This gives brands an opportunity to reach consumers as they’re looking for items to take to the lake, beach, camping, or preparing for their summer road trip.

Advanced Contextual offers many relevant segments for summer, aligned to the IAB taxonomy, which are available in your preferred DSP. If your brand or publication is looking for scalable contextual targeting that reaches travelers & summer activity seekers on relevant content in real-time, contact us below.

Read Advanced Contextual's success within the travel industry here.

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