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Content Consumption Trends: Sports Playoffs

With major sports back in full swing this year, the advanced contextual platform has been monitoring content consumption trends around the NHL & NBA playoffs. The advanced contextual platform found 1.1 million matching pages within our custom hockey segment and 1.6 million matching pages within our custom basketball segment. There have been notable spikes in content with playoffs starting last month as consumers are staying up-to-date with the games.

As seen in the trend chart, the most popular articles being read within Advanced Contextual's Sports: NBA Basketball segment are around playoff upsets. We offer 69 cookieless sports segments, aligned to the IAB taxonomy, which are available in your preferred DSP. If your brand or publication is looking for scalable contextual targeting that reaches sports fans on relevant content in real-time, contact us below.

Read Advanced Contextual's success for a major sports brand here.

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