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Content Consumption Trends: Seasonal Fall Recipes

Are you a brand or publisher who is interested in reaching recipe seekers? As the seasons change, Advanced Contextual has noticed spikes in content consumption as consumers search for new seasonal recipes. As many consumers are excited about the fall season, we’ve found over 104K pieces of matching content available for targeting within Advanced Contextual's “Fall Recipes” Content Target.

To understand the exact pages and topics fall recipe seekers are reading/watching most often, we dove deeper into our custom segment and found the following insights:

  • Apples are the seasonal ingredient consumers are reading about the most as fall is prime apple season. Users are frequenting recipes to make apple crisps, apple crumbles, and apple pies.

  • There’s been a recent spike in content around crockpot recipes as people prepare for the weather to turn cooler. Recipes for chicken, pork, and soups are the most popular articles consumed within this topic.

  • As to be expected, pumpkin is another popular fall ingredient that’s been trending. The most popular pumpkin recipes are for making pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin cheesecake.

As consumers continue to transition their weekly meals to incorporate seasonal ingredients this autumn, now is the time to connect with your audience as they’re engaging with content that resonates with them this season. Advanced Contextual can reach a wide variety of customers whether you're targeting grocery shoppers, people hosting for the holidays, or families attending seasonal activities. Advanced Contextual can work with you programmatically and/or on a managed service basis. Contact us to learn how we can achieve your campaign’s goals this fall and beyond.

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