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Content Consumption Trends: Politics

With the upcoming presidential election this fall, content consumption around politics has been trending as this is an impactful topic that is top of mind for many of us. Spectrum monitors content consumption trends to understand where consumer intent signals are strong, and we’ve seen over 53 million Americans reading and watching content within our politics & elections segment in the last 30 days. Spectrum can understand the meaning of a page at the topic level – not just through a few isolated keywords – so we dove deeper into our segment to see the content people are consuming most often.

Within our politics & elections segment, Spectrum’s discovered over 4.1 billion cookieless impression opportunities across 1.2 million pieces of content in the last month alone. Here are the recent content consumption trends we’ve identified:

Politics Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services

As we get closer to the election in November, we expect content consumption to continue increasing, with more opportunities for your brand to reach people as they’re consuming content that is important to them. If you have a campaign that aligns with the presidential election this fall, Spectrum can reach your audience with or without using cookies. Connect with us to learn more.

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