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Content Consumption Trends: Pet Owners

Does your brand or publication have a target audience of pet owners? The advanced contextual platform can help you connect with this customer group through the content they read and watch online.

Our advanced contextual platform can also analyze previous content consumption trends up to 18-months, and we've discovered changes in pet owner content due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since coronavirus has required people to spend more time at home, this has allowed people who were thinking about getting a pet to finally get one since they can be home more often than usual. The COVID-19 pandemic has also created a new type of content for pet owners. Popular articles include “tips for dog owners working from home” and “preparing your pet for life after shelter-in-place.” COVID has made an impact on the relationships between brands and its customers, and these insights show how the relationship continues to change with content consumption providing a guiding light.

Content Consumption Trends Pet Owners Advanced Contextual Cookieless Targeting Online Advertising

Within our custom "Pet Owners" segment, we've seen people reading/watching over 172 thousand pieces of matching content, and Advanced Contextual's ability to monitor and activate against content consumption trends in real time provides real insights into consumer intent.

Whether your brand offers pet food, products, or a helpful solution that would benefit pet owners, Advanced Contextual is here to help you achieve your goals. Our custom segments are created to match the intent of your target audience and can be activated programmatically or on a managed services basis. Contact us to learn more.

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