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Content Consumption Trends: Home & Auto Insurance

A beneficial feature of Spectrum’s contextual targeting platform is that it can look back at content consumption trends up to 18 months. By analyzing previous content consumption trends, we are able to provide brands with information about the types of content their audience is consuming. As insurance is something everyone needs, we decided to see the types of content insurance seekers are reading/watching, and these are the notable content trends we’ve discovered.


The first content trends we found occurred during Q3 & Q4 last year. Content about homeowners insurance spiked many times as it aligned with natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires. These content spikes also corresponded with insurance policies as many people wanted to stay informed about what their home insurance covered.


The second notable content trend occurred in April of this year. This was due to the coronavirus pandemic, as many major insurance companies decided to give back money to people with auto insurance policies.

home insurance auto insurance content consumption trends spectrum media services


Lastly, we predict home insurance content will be highly consumed throughout Q3 & Q4 of this year due to mortgage rates being at an all-time low. As more people are buying houses due to more affordable home prices, these consumers will also need to be shopping for home insurance. Find out more about the types of content mortgage seekers as reading here.

If you have a campaign reaching people shopping for insurance coverage, we recommend an always-on strategy. As the Spectrum Platform is consistently monitoring buzz around insurance content, we can predict and activate on content spikes, allowing your brand to connect with people buying homes and/or vehicles throughout the year. If you want to learn more about how we can reach your audience on insurance content and other topics of interest to them, please contact us here:

Interested in Spectrum's success advertising for insurance clients? Read our case studies here.

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