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Content Consumption Trends: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month honors generations of Hispanics who have influenced and enriched American culture. Spectrum can connect with your target Hispanic audience as they’re consuming both English-language and Spanish-language content. Since our platform monitors content consumption trends, we analyzed our Hispanic Lifestyle segment to see which topics people are reading about most often.

As Hispanic Americans look to celebrate their culture, we’ve found people reading about Latinx-owned businesses to support during Hispanic Heritage Month, information around the upcoming Mexican Independence Day holiday, and traditional Mexican recipes for holidays like Día de los Muertos.

Within our English-language Hispanic Lifestyle segment, we’ve seen 4.9MM people consuming 181K pieces of content generating 267MM page-level impressions in the last 30 days. In our Spanish-language Hispanic Lifestyle segment, we’ve identified 2.4MM users reading/watching 516K pieces of content with over 127MM cookieless opportunities available for targeting.

Hispanic Heritage Month Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services

If you have a campaign reaching bilingual Spanish speakers, Spectrum can connect with Hispanic consumers with or without using cookies. Contact us to learn more about running a managed display or data only campaign to achieve your goals.

Want to learn more about Spectrum’s success reaching Hispanic audiences as they’re engaging with Spanish-language and English-language content? Check out our case studies:

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