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Content Consumption Trends: Halloween

Using the advanced contextual platform, we can monitor recent and up to 18-months worth of content consumption data. Over the last 30 days, we've seen over 120 million page-level targeting opportunities and consumers have been searching for Halloween costume ideas most often.

Last year, Halloween content looked different with the threat of COVID-19. Content consumption trends in 2020 included articles around how to celebrate Halloween safely, incorporating masks into costumes, and speculation around if trick-or-treating would be canceled all together.

Whether your brand or publication is reaching parents with children or looking to reach people as they’re researching the safest Halloween treats and festive recipes, Advanced Contextual is here to help. As Halloween content may or may not be as impacted by COVID-19 this year, this reinforces the fact that content consumption isn’t static and fixed. Therefore, a static and fixed approach for using context to target your audience doesn’t work effectively. Understanding the benefits of aligning with real-time content consumption allows your brand to connect with your target audience when they’re in the right mindset to engage with your message.

Advanced Contextual can connect with your ideal consumers as they’re reading and watching content programmatically or on a managed service basis. Contact us to learn how we can achieve your campaign’s goals this Halloween.

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