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Content Consumption Trends: Grocery & Food Delivery

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Advanced Contextual has seen a large increase in content consumption around delivery services for groceries and food from restaurants. Since our platform monitors content at the page-level, without the use of cookies, we can see the exact pages and topics people are reading about most often.

Within grocery delivery services, Advanced Contextual found people are using services like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and stores like Walmart & Target offering their own grocery delivery services through their apps. Curbside pickup for groceries has also seen an increase in content consumption as it is now offered by many local grocery stores. There are over 38 thousand pieces of matching content within Advanced Contextual's grocery delivery services segment.

Since many restaurants throughout the country are not able to serve customers at full capacity, food delivery services remain top of mind for many people. There has been online buzz around restaurants in many cities offering takeout. Delivery options offered by UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub are most frequent among consumption, too. Alcohol delivery services and meal kit delivery services are also top of mind for people reading this content. Within Advanced Contextual’s food delivery services segment, there are over 56K matching pages available for targeting.

As consumers continue to read these types of pages, your brand or publication has an opportunity to connect with your ideal audiences when they will be receptive to your message. Connect with us below to learn about Advanced Contextual's cookieless targeting platform.

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