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Content Consumption Trends: Fall Fashion

Is your brand or publication reaching audiences shopping for clothes and shoes this fall? As the seasons begin to change, Advanced Contextual has seen increases in content consumption trends as consumers start shopping for items to update their wardrobe. Last year, the most popular fall fashion items included booties, sweaters, jeans, and leggings. As consumers prepare for the weather to change this autumn, Advanced Contextual's “Seasonal Fashion” Content Target includes 363K pieces of content available for targeting.

While we expect similar fall fashion trends this year, Advanced Contextual's platform offers customizable segments to match the goals of your brand. By using ideal example pages to create our custom segments, we can get as granular as you would like within the fall fashion category. If your brand is advertising shoes, we can create custom segments specifically around popular shoe brands, fall shoes like booties, and general women’s shoes, so you can target your audience when they’re in the mindset to engage with your message.

As consumers continue to transition their clothes and shoes this autumn, now is the time to connect with your ideal clients as they’re reading and watching content that resonates with them this season. Advanced Contextual can reach a wide variety of people whether your brand sells clothes, shoes, accessories, or beauty products. We can work with you programmatically and/or on a managed service basis. Get in touch to learn how we can achieve your goals this season and beyond.

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