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Content Consumption Trends: Credit Cards

Looking at recent and up to 18-months worth of data on previous content consumption trends is an analytic-driven way to predict how content consumption will trend in the future. Using Advanced Contextual's proprietary platform, we’re able to do just that. Advanced Contextual's credit card segment can be used by financial brands and publishers looking to reach consumers searching for a new credit card.

As travel starts to pick back up again after the COVID-19 pandemic, travel credit card offers are most frequent among recent content consumption trends. This spike in content makes sense as people are planning vacations in the summer and researching the best travel credit card offers. The advanced contextual platform has also seen content consumption around credit cards spike again in October as consumers start searching for a new credit card before holiday spending increases.

By understanding these trends in content consumption, this allows brands and publishers to capture the attention of credit card intenders when they're in the mindset to be receptive to marketing messages. If you want to learn more about using Advanced Contextual to reach in-market credit card researchers, please contact us below.

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