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Content Consumption Trends: COVID-Friendly Family Activities

Have you been researching new ways to reach your target audience based on their changing behaviors due to the coronavirus pandemic? Spectrum monitors page-level content consumption trends and can create custom targeting segments for your brand.

Our platform has observed content consumption shifts of families with children, so we created a custom segment around COVID-friendly family activities to see popular topics this specific audience is reading. While at-home activities like arts & crafts, family games, and screen time activities are great ways to reach families with children, we explored out-of-the house activities as an additional way to reach this audience. As state parks, beaches, and drive-in movie theaters continue to open up, we found that these topics are top of mind for families with children, with 1.7 billion cookieless impression opportunities available to target. Spectrum can reach your ideal audiences on this content by creating custom page-level segments for your advertising campaign.

As we all adjust to living the new normal, Spectrum can help you target your audience without cookies. Contextual targeting becomes increasingly important as third-party cookies disappear, and Spectrum is here to help you reach your goals today. Contact us for a demo of our platform.

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