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Content Consumption Trends: COVID-19 Vaccine

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve learned that COVID-19 is anything but one topic, as we all find different COVID-19 content that is important to us to read and watch. This is to be expected when a topic like COVID-19 bursts onto the scene unlike anything we’ve seen before.

As the coronavirus remains top of mind for all of us, our platform has picked up on positive news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, particularly around the progress Moderna is seeing with promising results on their potential vaccine. With over 6.2MM users consuming this content, Spectrum also monitored over 224MM page-level impressions available for cookieless targeting on this topic. Since we started monitoring this content a couple of weeks ago, and it’s gone from zero pages to over 81K pages in just a few weeks.

Surrounding coronavirus content can be an important tool for advertisers as news around COVID-19 has become a critical and relevant topic in the lives of all consumers. We expect COVID-19 vaccine content to continue trending upwards throughout the rest of this year which provides brands with an opportunity to reach people reading and watching information on this important topic, while remaining brand-safe by aligning with positive news mentions. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of surrounding coronavirus content and our targeting capabilities, read our case study here.

As you think through how your brand isolates the productive COVID-19 content to align with versus the content you want to avoid, Spectrum can help you achieve your goals. Our contextual platform uses topics instead of keywords, at the page-level, to provide advertisers with a relevant and scale targeting solution, with or without using cookies. Contact us to learn more.

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