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Content Consumption Trends: Commercial Vehicles

Do you have a campaign reaching business owners who operate a company using commercial vehicles like trucks or vans? A benefit of Advanced Contextual's targeting platform is that we can reach your target audience as they’re reading and watching content in real-time. To see the pages commercial vehicle shoppers & owners are consuming most often, we analyzed trends within our “Commercial Vehicles” Content Target.

Within recent content consumption, we found a spike caused by articles around new commercial vehicles. The most online buzz surrounded Ford's announcement of their E-Transit electric cargo van. As new commercial vehicle models are expected to be released throughout the year, we expect content consumption to continue increasing, allowing your brand to capitalize on trends in real-time.

advanced contextual commercial vehicles content consumption trends cookieless targeting online advertising

Whether your brand is promoting auto insurance, a fleet of commercial vehicles, or offerings targeted to small business owners, Advanced Contextual is here to help you achieve your online advertising goals. Our custom segments are created to match the intent of your target audience and can be activated programmatically or on a managed services basis. Contact us to learn more.

Head over to these case studies if you want to learn more about Advanced Contextual's success advertising for major auto brands and our success reaching business owners:

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