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Content Consumption Trends: College Education

Advanced Contextual's targeting platform monitors content consumption trends with up to 18-months of previous data. This is important data to analyze due to how COVID-19 has impacted all types of content we consume every day. Taking a look at our college education segment, we can see that COVID-19 is one of the top topics being consumed. As coronavirus continues to impact our lives, there are many articles discussing fall semester plans for major universities, like some colleges requiring vaccines. Another popular topic is around virtual education and resources for taking free college courses online.

We know that college education content consumption will continue to change overtime which proves that content consumption isn’t static and fixed, so a static and fixed approach for using context to target your audience won’t work effectively. Understanding the benefits of aligning with real-time content consumption allows your brand to connect with your target audience when they’re in the right mindset to engage with your message. If your brand is reaching college students or their parents, please contact us below to learn more about our advanced contextual targeting.

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