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Content Consumption Trends: Auto News & Reviews

Spectrum’s contextual platform monitors content consumption trends in real-time, but can also look back at content consumption trends up to 18 months. Content trends over long periods of time help inform brands of what to expect in future spikes of content. We also monitor content consumption trends within the last 30 days to see how content has been trending recently.

Within our “Auto News & Reviews” Content Target, we’ve seen page-level impressions increase 133% over the last two weeks. This suggests that auto dealerships are eager to move inventory after a slow few months, plus, consumers are ready to start shopping again for big ticket items as industries continue to open up. As the economy begins to stabilize, consumer confidence is increasing, making this an optimal time for auto brands to connect with their customers.

In addition to Spectrum’s custom segments created for a campaign based on the brands KPIs, “Auto News & Reviews” would be a great Content Target to add to your current auto campaign, as people are actively consuming this content. Within this segment alone, there are over 440MM cookieless opportunities across 744K pages available for targeting.

As marketers prepare for a post-cookie world, insights around content consumption trends will be crucial to inform targeting strategies. Spectrum’s contextual targeting solution goes beyond keyword ambiguity, by creating custom segments at the page-level, and we’re here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today so you are prepared for the cookieless future.

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