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Content Consumption Trends: Cold & Flu Season

Analyzing recent content consumption trends is a beneficial way for brands and publishers to understand the content their target audience reads and watches online. Cold & flu season has been top of mind for many consumers, so we analyzed content consumption trends found in our advanced contextual platform.

Within Advanced Contextual's custom cold & flu segment, we've monitored over 129 million cookieless impressions available for targeting in the last 30 days. We've found that consumers are reading and watching articles around the differences between the common cold, flu, & COVID, as well as information around getting a flu shot & the COVID vaccine around the same time.

Based on these recent content consumption trends, now is the time to engage with your audience as they’re reading cold & flu content this season. Advanced Contextual can connect with your ideal audience as they’re reading and watching relevant topics that trend throughout the year. Contact us below to learn more.

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