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Case Study: Successfully Increased Page-Level Delivery To Reach B2B Fleet Buyers & Drive Results



Major auto manufacturer wanted to drive sales of their fleet vehicles to commercial buyers.


  1. Created custom Content Targets to reach police officers & fleet buyers reading relevant business & industry news.

  2. Used our Audience Intelligence Report to expand beyond endemic commercial vehicle & police related content and find lifestyle topics fleet vehicle seekers are reading.

  3. Discovered content around cloud data & college degrees that indexed highly among this audience to add as page-level segments to the campaign.

  4. Increased delivery across all Content Targets to deliver relevant messaging at the page-level while also optimizing towards the client’s CTR KPI.


Advanced Contextual successfully increased page-level delivery 19X within the first 5 weeks of the campaign. We continued to deliver 20%+ of the budget towards our page-level segments throughout the duration of the flight. By increasing our page-level offering, we also maintained strong CTR performance across desktop & mobile which was the client’s primary KPI. Advanced Contextual's proven performance continues to result in repeat business from this satisfied client.

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