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Case Study: Page-Level Success For Major Auto Brand

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

As online cookie targeting continues to be questioned with increased privacy regulations in 2021, shift your ad spend to qualified contextual targeting using Advanced Contextual. We have seen great success in both scale & performance with our page-level targeting as we help our clients shift away from cookie targeting.

For a major auto manufacturer, we gradually increased page-level delivery vs. audience-segment delivery over the course of 12 weeks, while maintaining strong CTR performance which was the client’s primary KPI:

  1. Started with only 10% of the campaign on page-level

  2. Ran our Audience Intelligence Report to find additional topics of interest to the audience to add as page-level segments

  3. Resulted in our ability to increase page-level delivery to 40% of the media buy

We found that 40% page-level targeting & 60% audience targeting was an ideal mix for this auto brand based on our optimization techniques. This fluidity between audience targeting & page-level targeting allows the client to be 30X less dependent on cookie targeting, while achieving the same CTR results.

Is your brand looking for ways to make your next media buy less reliant on cookie targeting? Advanced Contextual contextual targeting platform offers page-level cookieless targeting which provides advertisers with impressive results. Learn how we increased page-level delivery for an auto brand to achieve their goals.

Advanced Contextual offers the next generation of scalable, page-level, cookie-free targeting. Contact us below to make your next media buy less reliant on cookies.

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