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California Page-Level Impression Opportunities

Spectrum offers cookieless targeting by building custom Content Target strategies for your brand. We use example URLs that match your intent, and our platform finds additional matching content, without violating privacy regulations.

Industry changes around third-party cookie targeting are happening quickly, and we know that traffic from cookies is becoming less dependable, especially in California as companies start to protect themselves from CCPA problems.

If you’ve experienced traffic drops or fluctuations in your California targeting, we built custom Content Targets around major industry verticals to find page-level impressions available in California right now. As you can see in the chart below, Spectrum identified over 258 million page-level impressions available to reach Grocery Shoppers. This is a valuable amount of cookieless targeting opportunities for major CPG brands and/or marketers looking to reach recipe seekers.

Our Content Target plans are completely customizable to achieve your campaign goals. Contact us to learn how our cookieless platform can solve for scale issues your brand is experiencing from CCPA.

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