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Black Friday Content Consumption Trends

As Black Friday approaches, we used the advanced contextual platform to analyze recent, page-level content consumption trends around the topic. Within our advanced contextual platform, we've discovered that major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy have already gotten a jump on this year's holiday shopping season.

In October, content around Walmart spiked with the store’s early deal drop featuring its online sales offered a month in advance of Black Friday. Best Buy also announced deals several weeks earlier than retailers typically announce their sales, creating early excitement that will only increase over the next month. Online buzz around early Black Friday promotions also generated anticipation for Black Friday deals from Target, Kohl's, Amazon, & other major retailers. Within various articles, popular deals are for items like consumer electronics, furniture, & more.

These content consumption trends suggest that retailers & consumers are ready to get started on the holiday shopping season, and content consumption will continue to trend as we approach Black Friday. Now is the time to activate page-level or audience segments using Advanced Contextual. Contact us below to learn more.

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