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Auto Insurance Case Study: Driving Qualified Quotes & Brand Lift Using Relevant Content


Major insurance company wanted to increase brand lift among auto owners and generate quotes for their auto insurance offering.


  1. Created custom Content Targets around: Auto Trends, Vehicle Owners, B2B Finance, Business Travelers, Entertainment, Weather, Travel, Family Planning, Homeowners/Renters, and Personal Finance.

  2. Discovered content around Auto Trends and Vehicle Owners resonated best with auto owners and generated the strongest performance.

  3. Optimized towards top-performing Content Targets and media types to drive brand lift and efficient cost per quote, which were the client’s KPIs.

  4. Provided the client valuable insights around how spikes in content consumption correlated with efficient results, particularly around how auto shows & holidays trended throughout the campaign.


We delivered an efficient campaign with an overall $17 cost per quote (CPQ). Due to an effective optimization strategy, the CPQ saw consistent improvements yielding a campaign low of $7 on the final day of the flight. Our CPQ and ability to drive brand lift has resulted in repeat business with an always-on strategy for this satisfied client.

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